You’re probably about to have an offer! Now what?

You did it! You applied, interviewed and they loved you (duh).

It’s time for…

Rule #1:

Do not accept the offer ON THE SPOT

I know, you’re excited. Maybe you’re feeling lucky to have been chosen at all, or maybe you’re worried it will be rescinded if you don’t say yes (hint: it won’t).

Take a deep breath.

Here’s what you’re going to do:

  1. Without accepting, you’re going to express enthusiasm.

  2. You’ll ask for the details around compensation (and you’ll ask for it in writing).

  3. You’ll ask for two days to think it over.

Got it?

By asking for the details in writing and time to think it over, you’re not being difficult. You’re being a professional. This is standard in almost all professions.

What does is signify to your potential employer? That you’re a smart cookie who knows what she’s doing and isn’t desperate for a job.

What it sounds like:

“I’m thrilled to hear it since I really enjoyed the interview and everything I’ve learned about this role. Of course, before I can accept, I’d love to hear about the compensation. [STOP TALKING]

Would you be able to send that in an offer letter with the details? [This is a normal thing to ask for, you’re not being a hassle]

I’d love a few days to think this over. Can I get back to you by [Wednesday afternoon]?”

Exercise time:

Give this a try. Your cat has just offered you a job. You need to practice saying the above words OUT LOUD first before you’re required to say them in real life.

So, what’s the recruiter thinking?

Probably something along the lines of,

“For the love of all things holy, I hope she accepts. This search has taken us too long, we should have hired for this role last month. All the other candidates were duds. We’ve spent so much money and time on this search... I wonder what she’ll counter?”

And the next few days give you time to plan your next move… your counter-offer!

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