Understand your value, embrace your worth and take control of your compensation!

Join us for a two-hour interactive workshop geared for those preparing to ask for a raise or negotiate a job offer.

We’ll cover salary negotiation nuts and bolts, including the strategies, tactics and sample phrasing to support your journey toward higher compensation. Turn your knowledge into action by developing your own plan and sketching out the exact words you’ll say. Leave feeling energized and confident!

You’ll learn how to:

-Prepare for negotiations

-Answer the dreaded “expected salary” and “salary history” questions

-Swiftly build trust across the table

-Make your ask with confidence

-Embrace creative thinking for win-win solutions; and

-Avoid self-sabotaging pitfalls

Past participants have successfully negotiated significant raises, job titles, starting salaries/bonuses, and better benefits.

Speaker Bio:

Caitlin Rogers is a Minneapolis-based business owner (Next Day Animations), consultant and speaker on financial empowerment who’s been featured in the Star Tribune and Minnesota Business Magazine. With humor, encouragement and employer’s inside perspective, she has helped hundreds of people get grounded in an understanding of their own value and uncover exactly what they want. From there, it’s all about creating the strategy to make it happen.


Saturday, November 23rd, 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Mill City Museum

710 South 2nd Street

Minneapolis, MN

ADM Conference Room - 6th Floor


9:00 AM - Check-in and Coffee

9:30 AM - 11:30 AM - Workshop


General Admission - $45